Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, all those who want to build Information Technology that rocks!

Vision and Mission

The SIGSPL (Special Interest Group for Software Production Lines) aims to:

  • our vision: to introduce a new anthropocentric paradigm for Software Engineering in Cyberspace: Labor Automation, Analysis and Visualization;
  • our mission: to leverage modern industrial quality assurance and automation methods in the IT industry of the 21st century.

Our inspiration is modern industry with such archetypes as :

  • refining;
  • supply chain management;
  • assembly automation;
  • robotics and autonomous systems;
  • operational excellence based on scientific management.

Just imagine…

… you could observe the value chain of an enterprise IT project in real time on an interactive dashboard…

… you could optimize and manage IT organizations based on an organic bottom-up, technology agnostic process model with physically measurable KPIs (key performance indicators)…

… you could affordably increase efficiency of complex distributed IT projects by orders of magnitude like 300x, with full transparency…

… you could also affordably increase the quality of delivered software artifacts to the best affordable and measurable level – ideally a_tripleplus

Our vision of rocket science IT is:

  • Labor Automation: continuous production through advanced industrial automation;
  • Analysis: continuous inspection and improvement through advanced methodologies for operational excellence like Lean Six Sigma;
  • Arts: advanced visualization and interactive stakeholder-sensitive exploration of complex data in Cyberspace (digital walls, virtual and/or augmented reality).

If you want to join our vision, contact us.

So let’s start building rocket science IT :-)