On Rockstar developer teams

At SIGSPL, we aim to investigate trends and assess foundations to enable any IT organization to build IT that rocks – you included, dear reader!

But, who has the ability to deliver this technology, a Rockstar developer or maybe rather a Rockstar team?

We definitely agree with Scott Hanselman in his discussion about the “Rockstar Programmer myth”, where he says that it’s not only about seniority, but thoughtfulness as well.

The best idea about how seniority relates with problem oriented thinking is probably the quote from Nate Waddoups:

  • Junior Engineer – Creates complex solutions to simple problems.
  • Engineer – Creates simple solutions to simple problems.
  • Senior Engineer – Creates simple solutions to complex problems.
  • Rockstar Engineer – Makes complex problems disappear.

So our call to managers and Human Resources spealists – go for building Rockstar teams, if you see any value in building an IT that rocks! (Insiders’ tip: beyond hiring just developers, consider hiring also Requirements Engineers and Business Analysts and of course Rockstar Testers!)

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