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Proposal of a new ISO / QA CERT, or meets EC: today’s call

Dear all,

I am happy to inform you that today our independent expert research group presented results of our research since mid 2014 we mentioned in our Tech QA session in Hamburg to the members of the European Commission Peter Fatelnig and Arian Zwegers. They find our ideas “very appealing”!

The central idea is to establish a EU Energy Label like benchmarking of software components – FIWARE and beyond – based on available state of the art best practices, methods and also the technical implementation of a quite low TRL (2-3) of a prototype technical appliance aka SPL (Software Production Line). This type of system can become an important technical component in the FIWARE Incubation process as we believe.


We aim to to leverage modern industrial quality assurance and automation methods in the IT industry of the 21st century. The archetypal inspirations driving our vision of future ICT organizations are digital factories, leveraging intelligent assembly lines for complex components and sophisticated refining process for valuable ores. In our estimation this type of knowledge might lead to a historical, industrial revolution-like economical leap, where the booming DevOps movement is just a first step. Therefore we have decided to share our knowledge using an open public domain license, to serve the common wealth and further advance of European technology.

In this context, FIWARE ecosystem is a perfect case study, which has been an important enabling part of the FIC2Lab quality assurance pipeline behind the scenes since December 2014 where we successfully tested parts of our methodology on many Specific and some Generic Enablers.

We know very well that there is ongoing work in FICORE to enhance the quality of FIWARE components and respect this. In the context of an open community, we search to share our knowledge with these teams and any other individuals who is interested to join us, also for designing top-notch IT management courses and building consortia towards participating upcoming calls or industrial-scale investor communication. Our call is here to SixSigma and DevOps experts and other roles listed in our “Software QA Agency” vision in the document linked below.Here you can find open links to the slide stack and also a further assessment document we have presented today to EC. Feel free to share your comments!

Now I am happily looking forward to another call today with Juanjo to recap the ECFI Tech QA meeting and discuss further steps.

[1] Slide stack “ meets EC”

[2] Further assessment and a very rough agile costs projection for hardware and human resources
a) project based
b) permantent full time team based

[3] a video snapshot of a live dahsboard broadcast demonstrating the output of a prototype SPL system, using by the way broadcasting system developed by the Phase3 EUROPEANPIONEERS startup This view is very technical but we have a plan how to transform this data to a more management-appealing dashboard. :-)

Our vision and proposal and also call for action is to install this type of real time, multi-megapixel BigData analytics dashboard physically in every larger ICT organization, starting in the head offices of FICORE and DG CONNECT. (given AT&T and NASA use this visualization technology since long time).

Forget many of the time-stealing surveys and reports – now there are realtime BigData analytics! And yes we see Fraunhofer as a very prominent and promising research partner in this context.

Thanks for reading!

kind regards
Peter Muryshkin
Today wearing the hat “Speaker of”.

Suggested reading: bestsellers “VELOCITY” (Jacob et al.), “Phoenix Project” (Gene),  “Continuous Delivery” (Humble, Farley), “The Inmates are Running the Asylym” (Cooper).

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