Chemistry of DevOps – stunning infografics!

Past days Adobe product portfolio chose quite catchy visual communication for its tools using symbols of chemical elements.

Now, Xebia Labs takes the challenge to use a whole DevOps periodic table approach. Looks indeed very nice, the only side comment is why they have included databases as well.

At, we of course can’t expect the times where these tools can be associated with appropriate quality labels to support management and solution architect decisions.


Screen Shot 01-13-16 at 12.40 PM

Copyrgiht notice: please ignore in this case our CC logo, the screenshot of the periodic table is courtesy of Xebia Labs, and we have done no modifications to the original.

Customer’s demand and excellence

Actually, why shouldn’t be possible to make excellence of delivery a clear budget feature? Say, somebody wants to have something small but really awesome, or they are okay with having something big but without paying attention to security and performance – customer is king, but shouldn’t expect that the highest possible level of excellence is always included for free.

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