Credits | Thanks to our supporters

This is to all those supporters beyond the core team activities – those who is not listed will be extended, we have just started… (and if we fail to mention you, remind us of your help..) Those who has interest in promotion in this context, tell us to link to your LinkedIN and/or company website.

*of course also big fat special thanks to our families and friends who believe in us and provide hell amount of support behind the scenes – what/where would we have been without you?*

  • Alan for publishing our story at
  • Anass for translating the Arabic version of our landing page
  • Asaf from for translating for us the Hebrew version of our landing page
  • Robin for reviewing the Mandarin version of the landing page
  • Pawan for sustaining hope in some dark moments and giving brilliant piece of experienced founder know-how advice
  • Sergei for amazing sales concept
  • Igor and Johannes for very helpful and detailed feedback on the first informational video
  • Olaf for his kind guidance
  • Thomas for helpful comments on the English landing page
  • Wout for the Dutch version of the landing page
  • Christoph for the Japanese version of the landing page
  • Marco for the Italian version of the landing page
  • Laura for giving us awareness of Horizon 2020 funding
  • Samuel for Docker technology
  • Linus Torvalds and community for Linux