Current upcoming webinar and discussion series deals with specification of first physically measurable KPIs across the whole IT value chain.

Mature IT organisations use Quality Gates to cope with complexity; smaller teams use checklists also known as Definition of Done. These activities, also all sorts of reviews, can rely on helpful software tools, but still require lots of manual labor to maintain this information.


Is this really enough?
From rocket science IT point of view, the answer is definitely “NO”.

Our vision is to introduce cyber-physical systems implementing complex automated “Smart” Quality Gates which are interconnected throughout all teams and departments along the value chain.  Of course, depending on technical ecosystem there are already such approaches (e.g. Jenkins or Team Foundation Server), but there is no unified data model, and these key software engineering production processes  are often completely invisible to higher management.

For that purpose, we plan these 5 online events with free access:

  • Bring your own Definition of Done – from an agile development checklist to a Smart Quality Gate
  • Big Picture – automation approaches towards Smart Quality Gates in all phases of the value chain
  • Beyond time based reporting – Smart Quality Gate design by definition of measurable KPIs
  • Visualization approaches – role-based KPI dashboards
  • Putting all pieces together – Retrospective