Main site of the umbrella organization FI-PPP:

Brand site:

Sustainability FP7 EU programm I3H for FIWARE Info

FIWARE technical  support: (best-effort based, Mo-Fr 9-17)
(Note please always do remember to specify the FIWARE geographical region where your problem occurs!)

News and information about FIWARE

FIWARE Q&A (coming soon – In the meantime, please check the links below)

     o FIWARE chat for developers: / ttps:// 

     o FIWARE on StackOverflow:

     o FIWARE helpdesks:

FIWARE Academy

FIWARE Forge Wiki

FIWARE YouTube channel

FIWARE Twitter

FIWARE Facebook

FIWARE Events Calendar

Available software component catalogues

GE | Core FIWARE Generic Enablers catalogue

SE | FICONTENT2 – Media & Content | Wiki | FIC2Lab Chat:  Request Form | Infochannel

SE | FI-STAR – Social Technological Alignment in Healthcare

SE | FITMAN – Future Internet Technologies for MANufacturing industries

SE | FINESCE – Future INtErnet Smart Utility ServiCEs (Smart Energy)

SE | FIspace – Business Collaboration | Wiki

FIWARE Lab and Cloud Live Status


FIWARE health regions & cloud platform services

API sanity check by region

(inofficial) Nagios  FIWARE Github for Nagios&UAT scripts

Join FIWARE cloud:


A16 | Our SME Accelerators

Accelerators implement hubs to leverage success of SME organizations interested in FIWARE technology.

Complete overview of the Accelerators program

European Pioneers hosted by Etventure


Other resources

FIWARE @ SlackChat /  Request Form

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