SCM: Better and fewer OSS suppliers in 2015

The 2015 Supply Chain report from Sonatype reveals recent facts on standard OSS software packages and vendors.

“Today I want to focus on the huge ecosystem of open source projects (“suppliers”) that feed a steady stream of innovative components into our software supply chains.  In the Java ecosystem alone, there are now over 108,000 suppliers of open source components [with 1M+ standard components –].  Across all component types available to developers (e.g., RubyGems, NuGet, npm, Bower, PyPI, etc.), estimates now reach over 650,000 suppliers of open source projects.” Derek Weeks

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However, like in traditional manufacturing, not all suppliers deliver parts of comparable quality and integrity. My latest research, the 2015 State of the Software Supply Chain Report, shows that some open source projects use restrictive licenses and vulnerable sub-components, while other projects are far more diligent at updating the overall quality of their components. Choosing the best and fewest suppliers can improve the quality and integrity of the applications we deliver  to our customers.