Watch multi-billion capital: Magic Triangle reveals how 21st century information technology will look like

Big industrial deals are in the news almost every month.

We put some of them in our SPL context – all listed products and companies are suppliers to our ecosystem model for future information technology in 21st century.

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So, we observe as of Q1 2016 a 5.5 billion worth capital invested to core technologies of the new convergent high tech breed we call post-DevOps era, or Software Production Lines.

To compare:

  • Russian government’s Silicon Valley Skolkovo has been an investment of $4b;
  • Apple’s new campus in Cupertino is $5b worth;
  • German Federal Ministry of Education and Research’ budget has grown since 2009 from €9b to 16b. gets more and more very good feedback. 2015 we have demonstrated a working prototype and in 2016 we search for more friends and partners to put more speed in this process.


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